Master in Computer Application (MCA)


Prof. Rupali Wankhede

Contact No.:- 83088 31361
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Total Intake: - 60


  • About Department

    I feel ecstatic to introduce you to Department of Master In Computer Application, which is established in year 2008-2009 and foundation of technology. It is AICTE approved full time three years PG course affiliated by RTM Nagpur University. Department of Master in Computer Application strive for increasing the knowledge, enhancing the critical thinking, ability to change information into knowledge and power of analyzing the things technically of each and every individual of ever changing society through students.

    We always intend to impart knowledge through a closed knit family of highly competent faculty.

    Our Laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject (both the practical and theoretical depth of knowledge) and develop skill sets of students to become promising new to technology in future. I would like to conclude with the words of Thomas Friedman who has rightly opined "World is flat opportunities are immense. It’s just a question of identifying opportunities and making the best of them". I wish a very best of luck to the students

  • Vision & Mission


    To make exemplary contribution to the progress and future of our country by enhancing the capabilities of our youth, by imparting world class education and training in science, technology and management; empowering then to seek and offer solutions to challenges faced by their brethren locally as well as globally.


    ♦ To impart world class education and training to our students by offering state-of-art to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

    ♦ To develop dynamic engineers and managers comparable to the best in the world and capable of taking leadership role in future.

    ♦ To generate new knowledge by developing cutting-edge research and world class scholarship, to effectively contribute to the future of country and global community.

    ♦ To establish and nurture long term symbiotic relationship with industry and institutions of higher learning within and outside our country in generating solutions for current and future issues of concerns.

    ♦ To develop potential of all our stakeholders to its fullest extent and empower them to actualize it.

  • Core Faculty

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
    1 Prof. Rupali Wankhede HoD & Asst. Professor MCA, M.Tech, MBA* 9 Year
    2 Prof. T.P.Raju Asst. Professor MCA, M. Tech,Ph.D* 15 Years
    3 Prof. N. Pradeep Asst. Professor MCA 9 Years
    4 Prof. Roshan Chandekar Asst. Professor MCA 9 Years
    5 Prof. Pooja Shelke Asst. Professor MCA, Ph.D.* 7 Years
    6 Prof. Neha Mishra Asst. Professor MCA,M.Tech 7 Years
    7 Prof. Shweta Bhojwani Asst. Professor MCA 6 Years
    8 Prof. Sagar Tarekar Asst. Professor MCA 5 Years
    9 Prof. Jitendra Saharshbudhe Asst. Professor MCA 2 Years
    10 Prof. Lalit Gaikwad Asst. Professor MCA 1 Years

  • Infrastructure


    1. Spacious and well furnished Class Rooms.
    2. Well established and well equipped laboratories with Internet Facility.
    3. Departmental Library with reference books from syllabus.
    4. Recreation and sports facility available for the students.
    5. Campus –wide WiFi network, high speed internet.

    1. Advanced Data Structure Lab :- C, C++ , MASM, Oracle
    2. Database Management System Lab :- JAVA, Visual Studio, C, C++
    3. Linux Lab :- LINUX, Eclipse, Simulator
    4. Project Lab :- JAVA, Visual Studio, Open Office, Dream Viewer

  • Activities

    List of some of the activities conducted in 2016 - 2017 is given below

    Sr. No. Activities Date
    1 Guest Lecture on PHP 23/9/2017
    2 Lan Gaming and Blind C Competition 16/9/2017
    3 Tech-Soft-17 International Conference 17-18/2/2017
    4 One Day Workshop on PHP by SSIT Pvt Ltd 4/2/2017
    5 Industrial Visit VanraSoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd 21/1/2017
    6 Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in IT by IT House 18/1/2017
    7 Digital Poster and Magazine Competition 1/10/2016
    8 Lan Gaming and Blind C Competition 24/9/2016
    9 Volley Ball Tournament 17/9/2016
    10 Guest Lecture on Software Testing by Sunquest Technology 10/9/2016

  • Students Placed

    Sr. No. Name of Student Company Name
    1 Neha Kadbe Vyako Technologies,Nagpur
    2 Reena Kharwade RnR Datalex Pvt.Ltd
    3 Ashish Hardiya Flying Penguins Pvt.Ltd
    4 Sunil Chambhare Core Integra,Mumbai
    5 Sandip Paul Phenix Technosoft.Sol
    6 Shrikant Dhanvijay Veksheen Software
    7 Alok Das Vyako Technologies,Nagpur
    8 Rajesh Bankar Delapices s\w solution(ngp)
    9 Deshna Wankar Mphasis HP Pune
    10 Neeraj Pathe Persistent (nagpur)
    11 Roshan Patil Dhandhaninya info tech(Ngp)
    12 Vijay Chandak Persistent(Nagpur)s\w engineer
    13 Ashish Jogi KPIT(mumbai)s\w developer
    14 Amol Kelwadkar Arvind Hindu Public school (ngp)
    15 Rahul Ramteke Infosys (pune) sr. s\w developer
    16 Aniket Ingole TCS(TL)pune s\w developer
    17 Ankush Bhajipale TCS(TL)pune s\w developer
    18 Devendra Katre Hyderabad Reenaiprotect Info.
    19 Monika Bundle Hns technologies pvt Ltd(chennai) Developer
    20 Radhika Pardikar INDCRcity pvt ltd (ngp)
    21 Anuja Mulmule Microorange tech Ltd nagpur
    22 Prashanr Raut LIPI data system(nagpur)
    23 Akshay Sudhakarrao Kadu Lobcity solution(Mumbai)
    24 TUSHAR MESHRAM Yalamanchili Software(U.S)
    25 Swapnil Sharma Drm Hope Solution
    26 Suraj Manohar Kharve It Nexus Soft Solutions
    27 ATUL CHANDANKHEDE Dr. Mhope Software Pvt Ltd.
    28 Parag Chavare Marg Maker
    29 ANUP KANTODE Coreflections/w solution(Ngp)
    30 MANGESH THAKRE Dhadhaniya info tech(Ngp)
    31 Vickram Sharma Vyako Technologies,Nagpur
    32 Heera Manni Montfort ,Nagpur
    33 Shikhar Soni Persistent Systems,Nagpur
    34 Manish Dhadse Bank of India(nagpur)
    35 Naresh Kumbhare Dhandhayia info.(nagpur)
    36 Siddharesh Patil Shanti Praabha Nursing Home,Nagpur
    37 Suresh Raut Fine Support Services,Mumbai
    38 Sachin Ghagre EASYPACK Softwares,Nagpur
    39 Puja Niralwar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti,Pune
    40 Ashwini Gode APLL Learning Solution Pvt Ltd Nagpur
    41 Jaiprakash More Rachana Rutuparna Apartments Condominium,Nagpur
    42 Mahesh Tayde ICICI bank(nagpur)
    43 Suraj Bagde IITian Infotech,Nagpur
    44 Prathamesh Bhoyar Illuminate Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd
    45 Rajesh Bankar Delapices s\w solution(ngp)
    46 Deshna Wankar Mphasis HP Pune
    47 Neeraj Pathe Persistent (nagpur)
    48 Roshan Patil Dhandhaninya info tech(Ngp)
    49 Vijay Chandak Persistent(Nagpur)s\w engineer
    50 Ashish Jogi KPIT(mumbai)s\w developer

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