Computer Science & Engineering (Since 2007)


Dr. Narendra Chaudhari

B. E., M. Tech., Ph. D. CSE SGB Amravati University, Amravati
(Dean R & D and Head of Computer Science & Engineering Department)
Contact No.:- 98231 89773
Email id:-


Affiliated to RTM Nagpur University

Total Intake :- 60


  • About Department

    1. Established with B.E. CSE in the year 2007-08 with an intake of 60 and M. Tech CSE in 2011-12 with an intake of 18.

    2. Research and training activities are based on -

    ♦ Advanced computational methods for modelling, analyzing, and solving complex tasks in technology and science.
    ♦ Fundamental computer science methods for the analysis of large and high-dimensional data sets
    ♦ Modelling and design of complex software, networking and other computational systems.
    ♦ Exposing students to the developments in the field of computing, thereby enabling them to meet the needs of the IT industry and research       organizations in India and abroad.

    3. Departmental Library with a rich collection of books, E-Books and NPTEL digital collection.

    4. Experienced and well qualified faculty members

    5. Dissemination of quality and value based education

    6. Active industry collaboration

    7. Organises Guest Lectures, Workshops, and STTPs,

    8. Sponsored Research and Live projects

    9. Exposure for Consultancy works

    10. Guidance to students for entrance examinations like GATE

    11. Campus Recruitment Training and Internship for students.

  • Vision & Mission


    ♦ To enhance and empower the capability of youth in education and research being capable of offering innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the computing community.


    ♦ To provide the quality education which contribute towards the rapidly changing computing environment.

    ♦ To develop thinking professionals who will solve the professional & social issues.

    ♦ To establish linkages to strengthen industry-academia relationships for mutual growth.

    ♦ To engage in the lifelong learning process and to solve the global challenges in computer science domain.

    ♦ To inculcate moral and ethical values to lead the society.

  • Program Educational Objectives

    PEO1: Apply knowledge with mathematics, logical programming to frame engineering solutions in the computing domain.

    PEO2: Able to analyze, design, implement, and validate for software development.

    PE03: Apply emerging technology by communicating effectively as a team.

    PEO4: Improve the security, cost, utility, etiquette and ethics by their computing abilities.

    PEO5: Adopt emerging technology and advance in career for fulfilling the societal needs by lifelong learning.

  • Program Specific Objective

    PSO 1: The Ability to design, construct and analyse Computer Science and Engineering system.

    PSO 2: The Ability to use associated software to develop and improve performance of Computer Science and Engineering domain.

  • Program Outcomes

    Engineering Graduates will be able to:

    1. Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

    2. Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

    3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

    4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

    5. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.

    6. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

    7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

    8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

    9. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

    10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

    11. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.

    12. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

  • Infrastructure

    Class rooms with ICT facility – The class room details are given in table

    Sr. No




    Class room






    Seminar Hall


    The class rooms are equipped with overhead projector and internet through high speed wi-fi connection. For ICT following teaching aids are being used by the department

    - PPT presentation based on the curriculum
    - NPTEL teaching materials
    - E books -Multimedia facility

    Internet facilities for Staff & Students –

    The department has Internet connectivity of 20 Mbps leased line contention ratio 1:1 (BSNL) + 100 MBPS LAN enabled connectivity and over 10 access points for Wireless connectivity throughout campus. Internet facility is provided for both students and staff. Dedicated computer center for students and staff with internet facility is made available in department.

    The adequate and well equipped laboratories are available in department is given in table

    Sr. No

    Name of the Laboratory

    List of Software


    Computer Network Lab

    Cisco Packet tracer


    Advance Operating System Lab

    Oracle Virtual Machine, VM


    C & Data Structure  Lab

    Turbo C, C++, Wirshark, Cisco Packet tracer


    Design Pattern Lab

    IBM Rational Rose


    Data Base Management System Lab

    Oracle 9i


    Language Processor  Lab

    Turbo C, C++, Dev C++


    Computer Workshop  Lab

    C, C++, Open Office


    Project Development Lab



    Open Source Lab

    LINUX, WEKA, Eclips, Simulator


    Information & Cyber Security Lab

    Turbo C, C++, Wirshark


    Research Laboratory

  • Activities

    Activities conducted for Teaching Staff

    Sr. No. Title of the Professional Development Program Organised for Teaching Staff In Association with Dates (from-to)
    1 One week ISTE-PTU Sponsored Faculty Development pragram Cyber Crime & Security                                       Indian Society for Technical Education- Punjab Technical University 05-05-2014 To 09-05-2014
    2 Workshop on Android Application Institution of Engineers (India) 20-10-2014 To 21-10-2014
    3 All India Level Workshop on Cloud Virtualization  Institution of Engineers (India) 24-08-2015 To 26-08-2015
    4 Workshop on Research Methodology Institution of Engineers (India) 12-02-2016 To 13-02-2016
    5 Big Data Analytics with Hands on training Indian Society for Technical Education 27-6-2016 To 02-07-2016
    6 Faculty Development Program on "Ethical Hacking" Computer Society of India  09-12-2016 To 10-12-2016
    7 Two Days Workshop on "LaTex Documentation" under IE(I) Institution of Engineers (India) 20-10-2017 To 21-10-2017
    8 Workshop on "Data Mining Techniques and Tools" Institution of Engineers (India) 15-03-2018 To 17-03-2018
    9 Three Days Workshop on on “Machine Learning Using Python” Computer Society of India  07-06-2018 To 09-06-2018
    10 Two Days Workshop on "Internet on Things" Indian Society for Technical Education 24-09-2018 To 25-09-2018

    Activities conducted for Non-Teaching Staff

    Sr. No. Title of the Professional Development Program Organised for Teaching Staff In Association with Dates (from-to)
    1 Two Days Workshop on "Basics of Computers" Indian Society for Technical Education 30-05-2014 To 31-05-2014
    2 Workshop on Utility of Social Network Institution of Engineers (India) 13-06-2014 To 14-06-2014
    3 Workshop on "Support Staff training Program on Computer Proficiency" Institution of Engineers (India) 07-05-2015 To 08-05-2015
    4 Awareness Program on Online Transaction Computer Society of India  12-06-2015 To 13-06-2015
    5 Awareness program on "Internet Security"  Indian Society for Technical Education 23-05-2016 To 24-05-2016
    6 Workshop on "How to Access Internet" Institution of Engineers (India) 08-06-2016 To 09-06-2016
    7 Workshop on Windows-10 Operating System Computer Society of India  29-05-2017 To 30-05-2017
    8  Workshop on "Awareness of Linux Operating System" Indian Society for Technical Education 01-06-2017 To 02-06-2017
    9 Two Days Workshop on "How to use ERP System: Sack_Info" Institution of Engineers (India) 11-05-2018 To 12-05-2018
    10 Two Days Workshop on Document Preparation using MS-Office Institution of Engineers (India) 08-03-2019 To 09-03- 2019

  • Students Placed

    Some of the students placed are given below...

    Sr.No Name of Student Company Name Academic Year
    1 HARSHADA SUBHASH SONONE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    2 NIKHITA ARUNRAO VAIDYA Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    3 PALLAVI RAJESH RAUT Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    4 PALLAVI UWARE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    5 PAWAN ASHOK GODI Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    6 POONAM GULABRAO DONGRE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    7 PRANALI WANKHEDE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    8 PRIYA M. THAKRE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    9 TEJASVINI K. GAIKWAD Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    10 TEJASWINI SINGONE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    11 POOJA MOHAN TELGOTE Bonaz Capital, Money India Research 2018-2019
    12 Laxmi R Sharma Just Dial 2018-2019
    13 Priyatai Thakre Just Dial 2018-2019
    14 ANIKET MADHUKAR BHAGAT  Just Dial 2018-2019
    15 AMOL KOMAL BATAUWALE  Just Dial 2018-2019
    16 RANJEET DILIP SELOKAR  Just Dial 2018-2019
    17 MANISH SUSHILKUMAR PANDIT Just Dial 2018-2019
    18 AMAN UDDHAORAO GAIKWAD Just Dial 2018-2019
    19 Anjali Ajay Bhagat Just Dial, TechMahindra, Shield Research 2018-2019
    20 Roshan R. Gundewar Money India Research 2018-2019
    21 Pawan A.godi Money India Research 2018-2019
    22 Aniket bhagat Money India Research 2018-2019
    23 Harshda vijay Atkar Money India Research 2018-2019
    24 Nikita Sanjay Jasutkar Money India Research 2018-2019
    25 Aditya Anil Chimankar Money India Research 2018-2019
    26 KAJAL WELADI Money India Research 2018-2019
    27 SUPRIYA KITE Money India Research 2018-2019
    28 SHITAL BOTRE Money India Research 2018-2019
    29 Rasika Prabhakar Kurade Money India Research 2018-2019
    30 SHWETA SATISH BOHARE R.K Infosystem 2018-2019
    31 SUCHITA BHIMRAO SONTAKKE  R.K Infosystem 2018-2019
    32 MANISH SUSHILKUMAR PANDIT  R.K Infosystem 2018-2019
    33 SWAPNAJA WASUDEO BAMBOL R.K Infosystem 2018-2019
    35 RANJEET DILIP SELOKAR R.K Infosystem 2018-2019
    36 Neha kuril R.K Infosystem  2018-2019
    37 Saurabh Indurkar R.K Infosystem  2018-2019
    38 MONALI NIMJE Rapid Eagle Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    39 AMOL KOMAL BATAUWALE (CHAYA) Rapid Eagle Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    40 RUPALI MADHUKAR MATEY  Rapid Eagle Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    41 SHUBHAM PRAKASH CHAUDHARI  SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    42 SUNIL SATISH BHISHE SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    43 SURAJ HARIDAS LOKHANDE  SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    44 VIVEK VASANT KANHEKAR SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    45 MOHD. ABBAS KALAM UDDIN MANSULI SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    46 NAGESH UCHITRAO LATE  SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    47 NIKHIL GAJANAN CHAWARE  SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    48 NIRAJ OMPRAKASH CHAFLE  SGS Technical Servies 2018-2019
    49  DISHA PIMPALKAR Shield Research 2018-2019
    50 NEHA KHEDKAR Shield Research 2018-2019
    51 SUCHITA SONTAKKE Shield Research 2018-2019
    52 Vaishnavi Gupta TCS 2018-2019
    53 Pawan Mandre Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    54 Sagar Wankhede Icrux Sytems, Mumbai 2017-2018
    55 Kalyani Gopalrao Choudhari Infosys 2017-2018
    56 Sayali Rehpade Infosys 2017-2018
    57 Arati Dharma Jadhav Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    58 Pratiksha Kotkelwar Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    59 Samata Jagannath Shelare Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    60 Rishab Sontake Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    61 Rutuja Chandurkar Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    62 Samata Shelage Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    63 Sneha More  Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    64 Poonam Mandare Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    65 Ankita Shukla Prototech Solutions 2017-2018
    66 Bharti Manohar Ashtankar Prototech Solutions 2017-2018
    67 Ashu Nagrale Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    68 Laxmi Bharadbhunje Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    69 Lekhchand Sharnagat Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    70 Mayuri Nimbulkar Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    71 Pranyata Nagrare Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    72 Rajani Marashkolhe Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    73 Rashmita Soge Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    74 Praful Krishna Punde Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    75 Satish Bisen Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    76 Smita Shelare Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    77 Suraj Ghodmare Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    78 Vaibhav Lutade Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    79 Monali Milind Wade Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    80 Aarti Jadhav Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    81 Akansha Bondale Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    82 Madhuri Bhende Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    83 Pranali Dhawas Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    84 Priya Dinesh Kawale Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    85 Manisha Hemraj Patle Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    86 Priyanka Bakre Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    87 Saniya Ali Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    88 Snehal Dalvi Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    89 Yugesh Rahangdale Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    90 Devshri Arvind Watkar Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    91 Mohnish Ramteke Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    92 Nidhi Ashtikar Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    93 Amitkumar Ganesh Rathod Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    94 Komal Manikrao Fulzele Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    95 Shekhar Gohane Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    96 PRAJWAL WAHANE Alta Vista Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    97 KASHYAP RAJARAM Alta Vista Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    98 POOJA YADAV Alta Vista Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    99 MINAL S. KHARTAD Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    100 KALYANI GANPATRAO RAUT Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    101 PRANALI HOMRAJ  LAKDE Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    102 PRAJWAL GAJANAN WAHANE Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    103 NEELAM CHOUHAN Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    104 POOJA KAILASH YADAV Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    105 BHUSHAN DEVIDAS CHOUDHARI Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    106 DIKSHA SURYAVANSHI Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    107 SHUBHAM TAMBEKAR Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    108 pranali Bodhe Dhoot Transmissions Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    109 Sandip Chaudhari I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    110 MIHNAZ PATHAN I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    111 ANIRUDDHA SAHEBRAO PIMPLE I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    112 RAJDEEP LALI SINGH I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    113 PRIYANKA PREMDAS WANKHEDE I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    114 NEHA CHARPE I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    115 POOJA NEHRU RODGE I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    116 PRANJALI WANKHEDE I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    117 MANISHA N. AMNERKAR Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    118 DIKSHA SURYAWANSHI Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    119 ASHWINI HARISHCHANDRA GHONGE Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    120 MANISHA NAMDEO AMNERKAR Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    121 RANEE YASHWANT NIKURE Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    122 SAPANA BHIMRAO TEMBHURDE Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    123 PRITAM UGHADE Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    124 SHUBHAM ANIL   TAMBEKAR Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    125 OMPRAKASH THAKRE Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    126 SHUBHAM DEVCHAND THAKUR Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    127 SUSHIL GAJANAN  TEMBHEKAR Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    128 SWAPNIL VASANT PAUNIKAR Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    129 VISHAL DILIP UDAPURE Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    130 Aarjoo H. Sheikh Web World Group  2015-2016
    131 Ambu P. Ambadare Web World Group  2015-2016
    132 Ankita B. Singh Web World Group  2015-2016
    133 Ankita Patle Web World Group  2015-2016
    134 Jayshri M. Waghade Web World Group  2015-2016
    135 Kiran R. Kamble Web World Group  2015-2016
    136 Kiran S. Bagade Web World Group  2015-2016
    137 Komal R. Naxine Web World Group  2015-2016
    138 Pranali A. Bagde Web World Group  2015-2016
    139 Priti S. Wasake Xceller It Solutions Pvt Ltd.  2015-2016
    140 Priya Shankar Pawar Xceller It Solutions Pvt Ltd.  2015-2016
    141 Priyanka S. Dewhare Xceller It Solutions Pvt Ltd.  2015-2016
    142 Sanjivani B. Patil Xceller It Solutions Pvt Ltd.  2015-2016
    143 Shahina Sheikh Xceller It Solutions Pvt Ltd.  2015-2016
    144 Shahista Sheikh Amazon  2015-2016
    145 Shraddha K. Gawalkar Amazon  2015-2016
    146 Surbhi M. Karmankar Kartpay 2015-2016
    147 Anil D. Shende Kartpay 2015-2016
    148 Ankesh Ingole Kartpay 2015-2016
    149 Ashish G. Ganorkar Kartpay 2015-2016
    150 Bhushan N. Yellure Kartpay 2015-2016
    151 Chetan A. Nagapure Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    152 Kaustubh S. Bramhankar Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    153 Manishkumar M. Chandankar Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    154 Pawan B. Bambode Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    155 Sachin D. Waghmare Nitor  2015-2016
    156 Shankar S. Mate Shree Trinity Infotech Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    157 Tarakant G. Kapgate Shree Trinity Infotech Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    158 Harshwardhan Rathore L&T 2014-2015
    159 Rupesh Bhramankar Paramatrix Technologies 2014-2015
    160 Gaurav A. Sharma Webgile Solutions 2014-2015
    161 Seema Mourya Trivium Education Services P. Ltd 2014-2015
    162 Akshay Kalamkar Trivium Education Services P. Ltd 2014-2015
    163 Mayuresh A. Dhawankar Trivium Education Services P. Ltd 2014-2015
    164 Mohanlala S Pal Horizon Telecom 2014-2015
    165 Chetan Nagpure Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    166 Nabin Kumar Singh Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    167 Shankar Mate Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    168 Swapnil Bhoyar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    169 Swati Jadhav Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    170 Neha Sharma Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    171 Kaustubh Bramhankar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    172 Kalyani Sawarkar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    173 Vaishali Pawar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    174 Pawan Bambode Hubcity Softwares Pvt.Ltd 2014-2015
    175 Tarakant Kapgate Hubcity Softwares Pvt.Ltd 2014-2015
    176 Vivek N. Nanhe Hubcity Softwares Pvt.Ltd 2014-2015
    177 Savita S. Khadse Hubcity Softwares Pvt.Ltd 2014-2015
    178 Sayali Gawande Astral Informatics 2014-2015

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  • Syllabus

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  • Subject Notes

    Sr. No Subject Semester Download
    1     CAO III
    2     EIT III
    3     ACPLD III
    4     DCFM III
    5     DSPD IV
    6     OS IV
    7     TFCS IV
    8     SP IV
    9     DC V
    10     DBMS V
    11     OOP V
    12     CG V
    13     DAA V
    14     AI VI
    15     CN VI
    16     SEPM VI
    17     DP VI
    18     BDBI VII
    19     TCP IP VII
    20     LP VII
    21     DWM VII
    22     MC VII
    23     DOS VIII
    24     DF VIII
    25     ICS VIII
    26     CCC VIII

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