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  • About Department

    Electrical Engineering is the one of core branch of Engineering. The basic infrastructure like electrical power plays the major role in the developing economy. The knowledge of fundamentals of electrical engineering is essential for almost all streams. The Department Of Electrical Engineering provides in depth education & prepares its students for all the possible future career & developments in technology. Department has a fine blend of experienced as well as young dynamic enthusiastic personalities as faculty for providing quality education at both B.E.(Electrical) and M.Tech.(Integrated Power System). It aims to promote research and teaching activity based on advanced and novel teaching methods. Technical experts from the industries and institution also contribute to the institute with their knowledge and experience.

    The specious infrastructure, well equipped laboratories, meritorious students and academically qualified and enthusiastic faculty being the salient features of the Department. The college maintains good culture and discipline by having close association with each student through 'Teacher Guardian Scheme'.

  • Vision & Mission


    ♦ To enhance the capabilities of our youth by imparting world class education and training in Electrical Engineering and to the empower them to seek    and offer solutions to challenges faced by their brethren locally as well as globally.


    ♦ To impart state-of-art world class education and training to our undergraduate and postgraduate Electrical Engineering students.
    ♦ To develop dynamic engineers and managers who will be capable of taking leadership role in the future in their chosen field.
    ♦ To generate new knowledge in Electrical Engineering discipline by developing cutting-edge research and technology .
    ♦ To establish and nurture long term symbiotic relationship with industry and institutions of higher learning within and outside our country in generating    solutions for current and future issues of concerns.
    ♦ To fulfill the aspirations of all our stakeholders

  • Program Educational Objectives

    ♦ To prepare students to excel in graduate programmes through global education to succeed in industry and the technical profession.

    ♦ To provide students with sound fundamental foundations in mathematical, scientific and engineering field required to solve electrical and power engineering problems and also to pursue higher studies.

    ♦ To develop students with good electrical engineering skills so as to comprehend, analyze, design and create innovative products and solutions for the real life problems.

    ♦ To inculcate in students’ professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork with multidisciplinary approach and an ability to solve engineering challenges faced in social context.

    ♦ To provide students with an academic environment aware of excellence, leadership, ethical codes and the life-long learning needed for a successful professional career as an engineer, scientist, technocrat, administrator and an entrepreneur.

  • Program Specific Objective

    ♦ Graduates will acquire basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.

    ♦ Graduates will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve electrical and power engineering problems.

    ♦ Graduates will be able to design electrical circuits and electrical machines, develop computer programs and conduct experiments to analyze and interpret data.

    ♦ Graduates will be able to design digital and analog systems and components.

    ♦ Graduates will have an ability to work as both an individual and in a team in electrical and electronics engineering or multidisciplinary field exhibiting the leadership qualities.

    ♦ Graduates will be skilled to use modern engineering tools, software’s and equipment to analyze problems.

    ♦ Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities.

    ♦ Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.

    ♦ Graduates will be able to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context.

    ♦ Graduates will have the knowledge of contemporary issues.

    ♦ Graduates will demonstrate the ability and desire towards life-long learning.

    ♦ Graduates will have the ability to succeed in competitive examinations.

    ♦ Graduates will demonstrate knowledge on project management and finance.

    ♦ Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of mathematics such as differential equations, linear algebra, complex variables, vector calculus, matrix theory, numerical methods to analyze and design complex electrical and electronic systems.

    ♦ Graduates will have the knowledge of communication systems, computer architecture, computer networks, programming languages and operating systems.

  • Infrastructure

    Class rooms with ICT facility –
    The class room details are given in table

    Sr. No




    Class room






    Seminar Hall


    The class rooms are equipped with overhead projector and internet through high speed wi-fi connection. For ICT following teaching aids are being used by the department

    - PPT presentation based on the curriculum
    - NPTEL teaching materials
    - E books
    - Multimedia facility


    Sr. No

    Name of Laboratories


    High Voltage Engineering laboratory


    Electrical Installation and Design laboratory


    Electrical Machines laboratory


    Electrical Workshop


    Electrical Drawing &Simulation Laboratory


    Control System laboratory


    Power Electronics laboratory


    Basic Electrical Engineering laboratory


    Network Analysis laboratory


    Measurement & Instrumentation laboratory


  • Activities

    List of some of the activities conducted in 2015 - 2016 is given below

    Sr. No. Activities Date
    1 Farewell For Final Year Students 9th April 2016
    2 Project Competition And Exhibition 7th April 2016
    3 Guest Lecture On “Electrical Elevators And Lifts” 2nd April 2016
    4 All India Seminar On World Sustainable Day 28th  March 2016
    5 International Conference On Recent Trends In Electrical Engineering 2016 22nd-23thJanuary 2016
    6 An Educational Tour at Shawl Factory at Kullu Manali Himachal Pradesh 17/09/2013 29th-4th January 2016
    7 All India Seminar on National Energy Conservation Day 21st December 2015
    8 Industrial Visit At Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Plant 10th September 2015
    9 Workshop on  High Voltage Engineering 5th–8th August 2015
    10 Phoenix Forum Program 4th July 2015

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    Power-Station World Sustainable Day
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